Baji Live is deeply committed to creating a responsible gaming environment. We believe in offering an engaging gaming experience while ensuring the well-being and safety of our customers. Our policy supports this approach based on the principles of fairness, control and self-reflection. It is designed to help our customers make informed decisions about their habits and bets.

We provide tools and resources. These include self-limiting betting amounts and time spent on our site, as well as the ability to take a break or self opt-out if necessary.

In addition, we strive to prevent minors from participating in gaming by implementing strict age verification procedures. We encourage parents and guardians to use filtering software to protect minors online.

The methods we use

We have implemented a number of effective methods to provide a safer environment for our customers.

  • Limits: We allow users to set their own limits on deposits, losses and wagering amounts. 
  • Self-exclusion: We offer a self-exclusion or “cooling off” option, during which their account is temporarily suspended to help them regain control of their habits.
  • Age Verification: We utilize strict age verification to ensure that no minors can participate in any form of gaming or betting on our site.
  • Timeout reminders: We provide regular reminders about the length of sessions to encourage a balanced lifestyle.
  • Support: Baji Live partners with professional organizations to provide resources and assistance to players who may be struggling.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where safety and enjoyment coexist by providing the tools needed to play responsibly. 

Recognizing danger signs

Baji Live wants our customers to have fun while still being mindful of their gaming habits. It’s important to recognize when it crosses the line between an enjoyable pastime and a potential problem. Here are some basic signs that you may be in dangerous territory:

  • Loss of control: If you’re having trouble stopping or limiting your bets, spending more time or money than you can afford, it’s a sign that you’re losing control.
  • Neglect of responsibilities: If you are neglecting work, school, or personal responsibilities, this is a serious sign that gambling addiction has become a problem.
  • Financial difficulties: If you use money meant for essential needs, such as rent or bills, for betting, or if you get into debt, this is a sign of serious problems.
  • Social Isolation: If you avoid social or family events to spend time gambling, or if you have conflicts with loved ones over your addictions, this is a clear red flag.
  • Chasing losses: If you are trying to recoup losses by betting more, often referred to as “chasing losses,” this is a hallmark sign of a problem.

Remember, recognizing these signs is the first step to solving the problem. If any of these signs sound familiar to you, we encourage you to seek help immediately, either by using our tools or getting professional support.